2019 Update - 2018 Recap!

2019 Update - 2018 Recap!

2018 was an absolute CHALLENGE for me personally.  Despite the atomic bomb that was my life, I accomplished SO MUCH!  I launched my YouTube channel, Painting Workshops at The Bar Shoppe and The Dane, I created commission graphics and paintings, including song artwork for Soliloquy, I vended and live painted at Parke Diem, the Shoreline Farmer's Market, Crystallography's Gem Show and WAVES: Biolumina and I rented my very first art studio!  

I have taken the winter off to regroup and assess how the year went, settle in to my new routine and plan out the upcoming year full of workshops, festivals and live painting.  A calendar will be posted soon with dates and times so keep a look out.

Painting Workshops are launching in March and I am now accepting applications for those of you who would like to attend the new BETA: Collective Direction Painting Workshop!  This class format promises to accelerate your confidence in your artistic process as it allows you to gain knowledge and experience in the creative process as well as gain painting skills simultaneously!  I'm so excited to be developing this new style of workshop for you guys.  Click the link to learn more and get on the list to attend!

More cool products are available in my store, I have added a goal calendarnote cards, stickers, magnets and even a badass shrooms shower curtain!


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