There was never a time in which Sari Luna wasn’t drawing, painting or making forts by stapling blankets to the couch.  Her first 11 years were spent living in a forest at the top of Tiger Mountain, Washington.  She climbed trees, ran around barefoot catching snakes and frogs to admire, and most of her friends lived in the books she constantly devoured. To this day, Sari Luna feels most at home and at peace with herself in the heart of a Pacific Northwest forest.

Sari Luna has live painted and taught at over 100 events since 2016, she runs her own arts business that focuses on unlocking people's creativity, creating commissions and vending her creations.

Nature, literature and the acts of kindness delivered from strangers all feed the magic of Sari Luna's paintings and graphics.  Her insatiable lust for painting, a curiosity for the unknown and, her own unique way of seeing the world becomes apparent when looking at her creations.


1 In 4 people will be abused at some point in their lives. Outsiders will not have a clue what is going on, unless they know what to look for.  

Sari Luna