“I don’t remember a time in which I wasn’t drawing, painting or making forts by stapling blankets to the couch.  My first 11 years were spent living in a Washington forest at the top of Tiger Mountain.  I climbed trees, ran around barefoot catching snakes and frogs to admire, and most of my friends lived in the books I constantly devoured. To this day, I feel most at home and at peace with myself in the heart of a Pacific Northwest Forest.

Nature, literature and the acts of kindness delivered from strangers all feed the magic of my art.  I have an insatiable lust for painting, a curiosity for the unknown and, of course, what would an artist be without their own unique way of seeing the world?

I have live painted and taught at over 100 events since 2016, I run my own arts business that focuses on unlocking people's creativity, creating commissions and vending art-centric products."

Sari Luna