About the Artist

As an entrepreneur and multidisciplinary artist, I explore various mediums, which intertwine to create captivating experiences. Through acrylic painting, photography, digital art, my journey encompasses live painting at festivals, vending my artworks, and collaborating with clients for custom murals, commissioned paintings, and photography.

Inspired by the enchanting woods of the Pacific Northwest, my canvases become portals that blend bright colors with dark imagery, weaving captivating narratives where animals and otherworldly elements come to life. Nature serves as a powerful muse, incorporating vibrant strokes and dynamic compositions, my paintings evoke deep emotions and a sense of movement. Influenced by impressionism, visionary art, and surrealism, my style captures both the ethereal and the tangible, leaving you curious to explore more.

In the realm of photography, I capture mesmerizing fire performances and intimate portraiture. Each fleeting moment I immortalize aims to evoke emotions and forge a profound connection with viewers. Additionally, I offer print design services and have a coffee table book showcasing the captivating world of fire performance available for enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

But my journey doesn't stop there. With a technical and business-savvy mindset, I've honed my craft through years of collaboration with diverse clients and organizations. As a lead product photographer, marketing designer, and branding developer, I've not only crafted compelling visual solutions but also led talented teams and explored new technologies. Guiding individuals through painting workshops has been an incredible honor, witnessing the spark of creativity and empowerment that arises when they express themselves through art.

Having been published in Art Habens magazine is a proud milestone, as it celebrates my ability to create a distinctive visual language, one that is uniquely my own. This recognition serves as a reaffirmation of my unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and forging an artistic voice that resonates. In my continuous exploration and experimentation, I strive to create immersive art installations that captivate, inviting you to immerse yourself in a new and inspiring world.

In summary, my artistic journey as an entrepreneur and multidisciplinary artist is an invitation to experience visually striking works that transcend boundaries with intriguing narratives. Embark on a transformative journey as my art elicits profound responses within you, igniting your imagination and stirring emotions. Through multidisciplinary creations, I strive to inspire emotional resonance and evoke a sense of movement in your heart and mind.

Sari Luna

Sari Luna and Tangent Dreams February 8, 2020 - Photo credit Brendan J. Kennard
"Tangent Dreams" by Sari Luna, February 8, 2020 | Photo credit Brendan J. Kennard