A Series of Accumulative and Calculated Events

A Series of Accumulative and Calculated Events

It's been 2 years since I leaped into the wild frontiers of teaching painting!  I remember prepping for that first class.  I practiced painting the brightly colored representation of the Seattle skyline twice before the third time when I taught the application of paint and various techniques to a room of 30ish people.  I rehearsed and recorded myself teaching the steps to the unresponsive walls of my bedroom.  I realized how much I said filler words like "um", and "like" and "really", like you know?

I learned so much about painting, teaching and myself.  Attendees declared how they were scared to come, but they enjoyed learning to paint.  I was thrilled to learn that they enjoyed doing so with me!  I began to feel as though my childhood dream of becoming an art teacher may have been an actual calling. 

It's been one year since I registered for my business license.  It's been two months since I quit my day job as a graphic designer and product photographer.  I am now one day away from launching my painting classes for Sari Luna Designs!  

I can't believe it's finally here and I took the plunge! I have so much good in my life and I am so grateful to those around me who have believed in and supported me along the way.  My friends are my rock and are so invaluable to me for encouragement.  I love you guys!  Special thanks to Dereck Clark at The Bar Shoppe & Lounge for taking such care in making these arrangements with me!  

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