Arlo's Birthday Painting Workshop!

What's better than celebrating a birthday with dragon themed painting workshop?  
Doing so with a group of creative, happy eight year olds!  I had so much fun with these guys! 
Arlo took it to the next level with her blue shiny midnight black dragon flying above her green nest with an egg through the psychedelic cosmos!
Amara had so many great ideas that her dragon continued to morph through out the event!  Her green spotted dragon turned out great!
Bjorn's creativity shone through with his red spiked black dragon, circling the sky around his floating island and waterfall!
Nicole's fire breathing dragon flew through her pink and purple gradient sky, which she worked very diligently at to get just right!
Even David, Arlo's dad joined in with a fun purple dragon featuring motion blur and amazing detail from red burning eyes to shadowing and highlights!
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