Basic Shapes Can Help ANYONE Create Art!

Basic Shapes Can Help ANYONE Create Art!

Have you ever seen art that you enjoyed, yet it was so simple that you believed you could create something like it?  
Then, once you have had that thought, do you immediately feel ashamed for daring to believe that you could actually create ART?   
Your ideas and creativity can be expressed by your own hand!  Creatures, plants, buildings...basically everything you see can be broken down into basic shapes.  
I'm sure you've heard at least some of this before... so why would it feel so unattainable, or even SCARY, to you?


The nature of creative work makes everyone more vulnerable to feeling inadequate and even more so if you are not classically trained.

Dr. Valerie Young, author and impostor syndrome expert

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There's this thing called imposter syndrome, and believe it or not, many artists feel it too, REGARDLESS of what their actual capabilities are.  Art IS vulnerability!  Some people create technically, some create intuitively.  But all art contains a piece of its creator.
Every time I get up to lead a class, I have to face my own imposter syndrome, even though I have taught over 200 painting classes!  Paint is a VERY forgiving medium, you can build up your layers, refining your shapes as you go!
Come face down your demons with me, you are not alone, we are all here learning, growing and sharing this experience together!
You are welcome to join me for a casual Paint Jam on Sunday October 6th at 5 PM (please register here)!  Bring ANY painting you want to work on, bring the painting from the least workshop, and don't forget that most people experience this phenomenon!
The next Creative Painting Event is Sunday, October 20th at 5 PM  (please register here)!
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