Painters Slay This Detailed Painting!

Painters Slay This Detailed Painting!

Do you want the inside scoop on my creative process?  Check out this photoshop mockup I made before I started Crater Lake Selfie...  If you want more painting tips & tricks, travel over to my YouTube and subscribe for weekly videos!

Ok, I admit, this painting was a bit detailed for painters to complete in just a 2 hour sitting... BUT YOU DID IT!  These guys did a great job following the steps in just 2.5 hours (because, like I said, it was too much for the time allotted to us!).  

I got a bit carried away when I was painting the original design and my clients added their own flourishes and special changes.  I feel like a proud parent, you all just blew me away with your tenacity and enjoyment throughout the whole process.

Some attendees arrived and started to paint early with their drinks and sushi standing by and ready when they needed to power up.  The class officially starts at 5 pm, however I will now be opening the doors at 4:30 so everyone can get settled in before the paint starts flying.

The embellishments and revisions to the painting, despite the complexity of it, were still there!  We had a vampire jackalope, a virgo constellation, some meteor showers and more.

Again, thank you so much for another great class.  Keep up the good work!

If you missed this class, you can get the digital step by step PDF guide! 

If you wanted to paint in person with instructions, private parties, events and workshops are always available!
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