Thank you for making my Parke Diem 2018 such a wonderful success!

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Thank you for making my Parke Diem 2018 such a wonderful success!

The love and support I received from everyone was staggering and I am so honored to have been so well received and to be able to share my art with you!

Josh took home original paintings "Tranquility" and "Meteor Meteor Night"

Two of my original paintings, "Tranquility" and "Meteor Meteor Night" found their forever home with Josh on Saturday!  Most of my art prints sold out and people just LOVED the metallic paper that they are printed on.  

I held a free raffle for one lucky winner to take home an 8 x 10 in. art print of their choice and to gain access to one full month of my exclusive painting tutorial videos on Patreon!  Thank you to everyone who participated!  

THE RAFFLE RESULTS ARE IN!  I used Random Picker to pick one of the names "out of a hat", and the computer algorithm very quickly told me that the winner is....ALEX LEE!

I launched my YouTube Channel this month with free painting tips and tricks, I am available for private painting classes now and I am filming the next painting tutorial on Saturday the 9th!  Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Take care and happy painting!


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