Sari Palmer - Artist Interview

Sari Palmer - Artist Interview

Hi. My name is Sari, I am a lifelong artist and more recently, a painting instructor! I started Sari Luna Designs after discovering that my lifelong dream of being an art teacher actually had proven to be fruitful in the real world.

I taught for one of those paint and sip franchises for about a year and I learned a lot. I developed my own skill, I developed my speed and lots and lots and lots and lots of frustration... But I came out the other side stronger, a better artist. I fought with perfectionism; I fought with artist's block and I know some really handy tips and tricks and I'm just dying to share them with everybody!

The ultimate dream that I have for my business is actually to do just that! I want to paint, I want to be creative, I want to teach the paintings and the style that I've actually developed for myself, and I want to show those around me how to actually do that for themselves, and how to actually acquire the skills needed to unlock their own creativity and be successful and feel happy with what they're doing as well!

The fulfillment that I receive from sharing my passion for art and the skills that I've acquired over the years has me so over the moon. I truly feel like I have found my calling in life. The feedback that I receive from my clients has actually given me all the encouragement that I needed to jump into this world of entrepreneurship and to hopefully succeed. And, I know I'm going to succeed because I'm not going to give up!

But, again, it's been a pleasure, I appreciate you taking the time to watch this. Thank you!

Why did you start your business? What was the inspiration? What was the goal?

I started my business to provide a safe and welcoming space for people, especially type A perfectionists, to come and learn how to paint with me. I provide a space which compassionately facilitates and encourages uplifting creative expression.

Can you tell us about your business and what makes it unique or interesting?
The paintings that I teach are produced specifically for those who enjoy surrealism and bright colors in their artwork. My clients say that the style in which I paint and teach in makes them feel creative, energized, connected, happy and grounded in the present moment! My teaching style is helpful to those who believe that they can are not and never will be creative.

What problem does your business solve? Why is this important?
Research shows that those who participate in new and interesting activities are happy, while those who watch TV or only do passive and predictable activities are unhappy. The individuals who attend my classes come away from the experience saying that they never thought they could paint as well as they did and they are so glad they came out to join me! These individuals struggle to make it out because they are shy, perfectionists and don't want to be judged. My business helps these people ease into the process by giving them access to my content online as well as in person so that they can go at their own pace in the comfort of their home if they are not able to attend in person.

Does your business have a social or humanitarian element to it? What kind of impact are you trying to make?
My aim is to spread joy, acceptance and especially the knowledge that creating art is for everyone! I want people to know that being creative is a learned skill and all it takes is practice, repetition and some guidance to create anything, just like going to school or the gym. Art is a cathartic outlet for positive or negative emotions that anyone can enjoy and take refuge in.


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