Tips For Experimenting With Painting Techniques!

Tips For Experimenting With Painting Techniques!

Experimenting with paints can be a frustrating experience if you are invested in the finished product being the best painting you've ever done. Sometimes they turn out that way, but remember that trial and error is part of the path to a better understanding of your tools and techniques.

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1. Use a smaller canvas: Twofold benefits of this tip are that it uses less of an investment of your time as well as supplies!

2. Think of each of your paintings as an exercise! Hand eye coordination and training our eyes to see shapes, values and hues are all part of the learning curve.

3. Experiment with larger subject matter first: As your skills of precision become more honed, experiment on the more delicate aspects of your paintings.

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work"
-Thomas A. Edison

Don't beat yourself up about a painting that you aren't completely happy with, all artists have created artwork that they don't share!

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If you have any tips to add to the list, please comment below!  Let me know if you tried any of these tips and how they helped you!

Happy Painting!


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