Uprising Festival 2019

I am honored to say that I was invited to participate in Spiritual Family Uprising Festival 2019!  
Kyndal and everyone involved put on a glorious event in the most beautiful setting nestled in evergreen trees.
I even got to see my fellow vending friend Livi, of Livi Joy Hoops again! 
I hosted a workshop painting sea shells where people painted everything from a beach sunset with fish eye lens distortion to cats and fun abstract patterns! 
Rachel happened to be wearing a gorgeous mermaid costume that complimented the entire theme.
Crystal was a narwhal painting a pineapple and everyone who stopped by made the event that much more fun.
In preparation for the event, I created new resin coated art prints.  I embedded various things like ferns and glitter, cut and painted wood that I mounted wall hangers on. 
These sold like hot cakes - especially the 8 x 10 prints of "Selfie At Crater Lake".  I am so pleased that my creations were so well received and I will be making more for Parke Diem on June 29th, 2019!
One of my other new products was the Mushroom Mandala Pop Socket and will also be returning with my next appearance.
My wonderful partner Bryan, friends Crystal, Alley and Richie came with me to the event to support me in my adventure!  Thank you guys!!!
I purchased a new tent for vending at festivals and farmers market, so I took her out for her first adventure. 
My set up was engineered on the fly with second hand shelving that I sanded and repainted.  I raised them up to eye level using a combination of tomato stakes, zip ties and paracord. 
My corner merchandise rack was made from 2 garden trellises.  I am in the process of upgrading these displays with bamboo to be collapsible, easier to set up and reusable.  
My art was purchased as gifts for several people, I received inquiries about commissions and purchasing my emperor moth painting, Cadence!  
I am so happy to have been a part of this festival.  The appreciation I received for making my art means the world to me.  Thank you all so much!!!

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