Will Brown - Artist Interview

While taking a walk at Green Lake in Seattle, WA, I happened upon local artist Will Brown displaying, chatting about and selling his art! He had a very rich life story and after talking to him for a period of time, I thought that what he had to say would compliment my own views on art and life and as such, that you may be interested as well.
Brown converted a van into a traveling art show, and though I didn't get any photos of it, I can tell you that I am inspired by his innovation and resourcefulness to perhaps one day have my own version.  This mobile art show can be viewed all around the Seattle area and he can often be found painting in the park with his creations available for passerby’s to view and purchase.  An entrepreneur at heart, Brown recently started to work on his art full time and we related to each other on many different levels.
I found his symbolism, colors and overall compositions to be well thought out and the more I looked at each painting the more I felt drawn to different aspects he had hidden within.
Ying and Yang, Good and Bad, Light and Dark are a recurring theme in the creations of painter, YouTuber and Entrepreneur Will Brown. Brown says that he wants to convey his passion that the negatives in life help to build us up into who we are and that we all go through positive and negative seasons in life. This theme of give and take is captured by the strong contrast between the interwoven black and white values (“color’s”) to illustrate his philosophy on life.
Brown is a surreal landscape and abstract artist who says he enjoys hearing the way his patrons interpret his paintings similarly despite having drastically different upbringings and cultures. He also enjoys hearing the different things people notice and are drawn to within each painting and watch as the meaning expands into his viewers hearts. Brown discusses how loss of life and watching others experience hardships as well as the opposite ranges of human emotion are expressed in his thought provoking compositions.
His colorful and exuberant geometric painting attracts more commentary from an onlooker who says it appears to show a mix of analytical, logical and artistic expression with the colorful and exuberant aspects are bleeding together with the rigid analytical shapes.
Will Brown's work can be found at:

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