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Sari Luna Designs

Creative Workforce Events

Creative Workforce Events

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Fostering Creative Thinking & Team Building

Get your team on the fast track to unlocking and accessing their innate creativity both individually and collaboratively!  
Revive curiosity in a guided and interactive environment with mind-stretching exercises geared to bring teams together.  Knowledge and tools are provided to access thought provoking skills needed to become more innovative.  

Innovating Exercise For Thoughtful Companies 

In business, people can go only so far by doing things the way they have always been done…it is essential to perceive opportunities that others have not, and to pursue them in novel yet appropriate ways at every stage of the game. Such creative solutions will be necessary for managers to help solve the socioeconomic challenges of the future—for their own businesses and for the world.”

Hanna. (May 14, 2008). In Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge Retrieved from Getting Down to the Business of Creativity


“It’s no longer enough to simply learn more. We also need to learn differently...We also need to learn in new ways, learn to integrate what we learn, and learn more about ourselves...We have a lot of complex, multidimensional problems in the world right now, and we need creative, out-of-the-box thinkers to tackle them.”

Miller. (March 28, 2019). In Forbes Retrieved from Building Confidence In The Age of AI


“Innovative tech companies foster a creative and collaborative atmosphere where engagement is essential...Tools are constantly changing...The odds that someone will have direct experience with new tech are low, and many innovators are doing work that quite literally has never been done before…You want tinkerers -- people who feel compelled to understand how things work and indulge their inherent curiosity...Maintaining a positive and productive workforce requires investing in a strong company culture.“

Ryznar. (December 6, 2018). In Forbes Retrieved from Tech-ing Your References: Recruiting Tips For Cultivating A Creative And Capable Tech Workforce

What Is Included?

Creative collaboration exercises, creative thinking exercises, online resources and each attendee creates & keeps their individual paintings.  

*Price includes consultation, 1 hour prep, 1 hour set up, workshop, 1 hour tear down and all supplies for up to 20 attendees.


“I am a self taught painter with an extensive background in all things art! I love to spend time in and take inspiration from the Pacific Northwest. My artistic style has been influenced by the works of Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Leonardo Davinci, M.C. Escher, Alex Grey and Android Jones.

As technology continues to change rapidly, it is more important than ever that we tap into our creativity and innovation! I have the honor of helping people access their creativity and apply it to their daily lives at work and home."

Sari Luna


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