I Am Whole

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During a meditation, I envisioned myself standing atop the world, supported by Gaia, my face lifted towards the sky, arms open and receiving the healing light of the universe.  This imagery stayed with me for weeks during my daily meditations, and it is still a great comfort to me.  Finally, one morning when my alarm went off and my mind immediately began to fret, dashing from one problem to the next, something clicked in my head.  I had to paint this image.  It had been tapping at my mind, asking to be released into the world.  I had to paint this declaration of strength and resilience.  For myself.  For others.  

As someone who has been a life-long transient, pulling up my roots as I grow out of these ill-fitting planters, I had still been searching for that place to call my home.  This meditation has helped me in so many ways.  It reminds me that I feel most at home in nature.  Gaia is my home.  That is my truth.  I don't have to look any longer.  All I have to do is step outside and take myself to the nearest tree, listen for the song of a bird and even the rustle of a squirrel dashing between trees and my heart will sigh with her familiar life force.



"I Am Whole" original art by Sari Luna. Sari Luna Designs, LLC · © Copyright 2019 all rights reserved · www.SariLunaDesigns.com

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