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Sari Palmer - Artist Interview

The ultimate dream that I have for my business is actually to do just that! I want to paint, I want to be creative, I want to teach the paintings and the style that I've actually developed for myself, and I want to show those around me how to actually do that for themselves, and how to actually acquire the skills needed to unlock their own creativity and be successful and feel happy with what they're doing as well!

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Will Brown - Artist Interview

Ying and Yang, Good and Bad, Light and Dark are a recurring theme in the creations of painter, YouTuber and Entrepreneur Will Brown. Brown says that he wants to convey his passion that the negatives in life help to build us up into who we are and that we all go through positive and negative seasons in life. This theme of give and take is captured by the strong contrast between the interwoven black and white values (“color’s”) to illustrate his philosophy on life.

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Overcoming Perfectionism And Being Creative Again

Do you struggle with perfectionism and producing art from start to finish?  I have good news for you!  Art is a skill.  Practice, practice, practice. When you are learning, it's important to remember that it's QUANTITY over quality!  One of the biggest things that I’m going to recommend you guys do is go to a class!  Get yourself comfortable with the tools, the feeling of making art, without regard to the end result.  Keep reading to get more tips on how to actually do this...

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